The 5 Proven Self Defense Strategies Every Female Needs To Know

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Imagine if you could..

✓…detect little known, subtle warning signs of aggression in new acquaintances and relationships (like an early warning system)

✓…be able to respond assertively, without fighting, using voice, body language and your inner power 

✓ ...share proven strategies & skills to handle harassment, intimidation and toxic aggression with your loved ones

80% of Attacks Against Females Are From Someone She Knows

Do you and your family know how to respond?

Most people equate “self defense” with a kick, punch or swift knee to the nads. Because someone is trying to attack us in a dark alley.

But that’s not how it is is it? All women know it's mostly someone you know. And it's almost always an emotional attack, from a place of power and control.

Emotional scars cut deeper than any physical one.

SheDefends is my new signature online program for people who have had enough. Enough of being pushed around. Enough of being put down. Enough of fear.

She Defends is about recognising and responding to aggression by understanding the psychology and power dynamic behind it.

A mountain of research shows that the fastest and most effective way to prevent these attacks is to take personal empowered action. Don’t wait around for something to happen, take action BEFORE it happens.  Empowerment Self Defense is proactive. It is about taking charge of your life, in a way that promotes freedom, independence and choice.

Empowerment self-defense is that solution. It’s a mind, body and voice approach to self protection that has been proven to make women 2.5 times safer. It focuses primarily on the psychology of self-defense to recognize, de-escalate, and respond to any type of dangerous situation.
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Learn from a self defense instructor who cares

I’m Patrick Moore, and I’ve been a martial artist and self defense and boxing trainer for 20 years. I was also the victim of an attack at age 14.

Of the 10,000+ students I’ve trained, 75% are women. In learning their stories, my eyes have been opened to the harassment women face every day. Even with physical training, it’s easy to freeze up. I never want that to happen to my students. 

The truth is, physical self defense skills are only a small piece of the equation. When it comes to self-protection, the mental game is just as important. It’s not about years of martial arts training or keys between the fingers. It’s not about wearing modest clothes or putting up with unwanted attention. It’s about learning empowerment self protection so you can remain alert and feel self-assured.

Empowerment self protection teaches women to tap into their natural gifts of intuition, their strong voice, and their ability to move and use their bodies. It teaches you how to recognize the early warning signs that a situation will become dangerous, and how to de-escalate, escape, and respond with confidence. 

We must teach everyone that violence in any form is never acceptable, and we must empower women to stand up for their rights and safety. That’s why I created the One Billion Stronger project, which serves women in areas around the world with high levels of sexual violence — and that’s why I’ve created this course.

I truly believe every girl and woman can benefit from learning empowerment self protection.

I truly believe empowerment self protection saves lives.

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She Defends

Starting Online on the 17th of June

Transform Fear to Power By Understanding The Psychology & Power Dynamic of Female Self Defense

She Defends is an empowerment online training that provides the fastest way for women to transform fear into power

In only a few hours a week,  my one month LIVE online program will teach you proven strategies to recognise, handle and escape toxic, dangerous situations and relationships.

She Defends is a revolutionary course that equips you how to protect yourself — without fighting. While you can’t prevent someone else from acting aggressively against you, you can learn how to get out early. Researchers have found that there are common warning signs before a situation gets dangerous. Through She Defends, you can learn how to recognize those red flags and respond with confidence.

In few hours per week, you’ll: 

Feel a new sense of confidence, strength and insight forging an empowered female mindset

Understand and challenge 10 disempowering and dangerous beliefs that western society promotes about females

Be equipped to detect 8 little known, but crucial early warning signs of toxic, aggressive behaviour 

Learn and practice 10 different ways to say No, increasing your assertiveness, confidence and decisiveness

Gain an overview of a variety of responses to common emotional and physical attacks on females

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Five Quick Training Modules and Expert Support Starting on the 17th of June!

When you join She Defends, you’ll receive 5 digestible modules over the course of 4 weeks that you can work through on your own time, from any device. With quick training videos live on Facebook and helpful handouts, you’ll quickly learn how to equip you to protect yourself. 

In addition to these 5 training modules, you’ll have access to the She Defends private online community. Here, you’ll experience weekly live training sessions, get your questions answered, connect with other motivated and empowered women.

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You're Stronger Than You Think

By the end of this module, you will realise that females are stronger than they think, equipped with all the tools of Instinct, intuition, voice and determination that she could ever need to protect, defend and empower herself.
You will feel a new sense of confidence, strength and insight after this mindset shift.


Knowledge is Power

By the end of this module, you will understand 10 disempowering and dangerous beliefs that western society promotes about females which take away a female’s power in conflict situations, compromising her safety.


Activate Your Early Warning System

By the end of this module, you will understand how to recognise aggression before it’s too late, by activate your early warning system.
You will be equipped to detect 8 little known, but crucial early warning signs of toxic, aggressive behaviour that females unknowingly encounter which are often hidden beneath the surface among strangers, acquaintances and new relationships (which constitutes 80% of attacks against female) - and usually appear in an “interview”. 


The Power of No

By the end of this module, you will understand the many benefits learn and practice 10 different ways to say No, increasing your assertiveness, confidence and decisiveness - so that you can ACT on your intuition and get out of difficult situations well before you get in them.


Empowering Ways To Respond Without Fighting

While there is no guaranteed or one-size-fits-all solution, by the end of this module you will gain an overview of a variety of responses to common emotional and physical attacks on females, ideally without fighting, using less aggressive holistic approaches  intuition, body language and voice.

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Through These Modules And Resources, You’ll Find Out How to Transform Fear into Power Feeling More Confident In Recognizing And Addressing Harassment, Intimidation, Aggression, and Toxic People.
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